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7 July 2015, 11:54:6

Tychy is one of the strongest sports centres in Silesia! Its sports infrastructure has been developed for many years.

During the last few years, as many as 30 pitches with artificial surfaces were built in the city.The Winter Stadium, one of the best sports halls in Poland, was modernised as a whole. The Sports Hall was built and the Leisure Centre in Paprocany  was modernised, which is the favourite place for leisure for residents of Tychy. It is more and more beautiful every year.

In July 2015, one of the most beautiful sports objects in Silesia was opened - the  Municipal Stadium in Tychy,which can hold 15 thousand fans on its fully roofed stands. It was constructed in the place of the stadium, which had served the residents of Tychy for 42 years. At the beginning of 2013, the structure was demolished and a new, fantastic object was built there, which complies with the requirements set out for the most modern stadiums in Europe. Thanks to the fact that it complies with all UEFA and FIFA requirements, it is used for the organisation of international matches and meetings at the highest global level. Clubs in Tychy have good foundations in the investments in modern sports infrastructure. Tychy may be proud of the extra-league hockey team and the first-league basketball team and second-league football team - GKS Tychy.

Many inhabitants found their real passion in supporting their players and teams. Successes of the hockey, football and basketball teams from Tychy not only constitute the reason to be proud, but also serve as inspiration for the youth. The youth teams follow the example of the best and bring medals from sports competitions. Children and youth teams have place for training on the fields in Tychy, with the support of the Football Academy.

Cyclical sport events are held in Tychy - a spring run organised within the framework of Poland Runs action, four-event competition, 'Under-the-Giraffe' Run, triathlon in Tychy, street basketball tournaments, the International Street Run, the Paprocany Pearl.

Tyski Sport S.A. - the company was established in 2011. Its shareholder is Tychy municipality. The main aim of the company's activity was construction of the modern Municipal Stadium in Tychy and later management of its sports and commercial infrastructure. The second main task is the management of three sports sections - hockey, football and basketball.

Sports Clubs in Tychy

  • Hockey GKS Tychy
  • Basketball GKS Tychy
  • Football GKS Tychy
  • Futsal GKS Tychy
  • Volleyball TKS Tychy
  • Tychy Falcons - Sports Club Association of American Football
  • Golf Club Tychy
  • Women's football KKS Polonia Tychy
  • Road cycling
  • Athletics
  • Canoeing
  • Sailing
Sports Hall

Sports Hall

Piłsudskiego 20
43-100 Tychy
więcej →
Winter Stadium

Winter Stadium

Generała De Gaulle'a 2
43-100 Tychy
więcej →
29 July 2015, 15:9:47
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