31 October 2017 13:51

Education of society is recognised as a key element in a fight for clean air around the world.

Educational actions in Tychy are conducted from the times when the first Reduction of Low Emission Programme editions was implemented. Our city was then a precursor for planning a financial support for modernisation of house boiler plants. 15 years has passed, the programme is constantly changing and more opportunities for ecological improvement for small boiler plants occurs. Social awareness is increasing; however changes are still slow to make us enjoy the clean air.
Particularly poor air conditions at the beginning of 2017 affected all citizens of Polish cities and towns. Also, inhabitants of Tychy. A record number of days with pollution levels hazardous to human life and health, exceeding a number of times the allowed norms or even reaching the alarm level were recorder in January and February. According to the information from the General Statistical Office on death rate of Poles in the 1st quarter of 2017,  January 2017 recorded one third more deaths than in January 2016. Medical experts’ opinion informed on considerable increase in morbidity rate and prolonged recovery of patients at the beginning of the year compared to the previous years.  Intensification of the problem resulted in social interest on the issue, as well as intensification of self-governments. Consequently, the regional council of the Silesia Voivodeship developed and implemented the anti-smog resolution restricting the law on house boiler plants.

A second series of meetings with residents of detached houses districts were held in Tychy in the second quarter of 2017 where representatives of heat providers alternative for coal furnaces were also present (PEC, PGNiG). Opportunities of the Reduction of Low Emission Programme and upcoming local law changes on house boiler plants were discussed.

Educational actions directed to children - - effective ambassadors of clean air were also intensified. The first edition of eco-friendly city event „Tyskie Żywioły”, was held. This was directed to families and focused on learn and play activities promoting eco-friendly attitudes in the scope of house heating methods. Heat, water, waste disposal providers and ecology social education facilities were invited: PEC Sp. z o.o., PGNiG Obrót Detaliczny Sp. z o.o., Tauron Ciepło Sp. z o.o., Master Odpady i Energia Sp. z o.o., RCGW SA., RPWiK w Tychach SA., Lasy Państwowe and Polski Klub Ekologiczny Koło in Tychy.
Education institutions are also included: The aim of these actions is to leave autonomy in creation of own programmes of schools and nurseries adjusted to human resources, children and current education programmes in a given establishment. These actions are supported by the City Hall of Tychy which provides education handouts - posters and brochures.

Parishes in peripheries of Tychy are also invited to collaboration. When the local law amendment became effective (anti-smog resolution), parishes placed relevant information on their info boards. They were also asked for support in the form of education for local community. Such support is adjusted to capabilities of a parish and includes informing parishioners on smog issues and possible actions to protect clan air. The city provides brochures to parishes, which should serve as information tool during pastoral visits.

Printed materials - brochures and posters are distributed by the municipal police, collaborating parishes, schools and nurseries.

Finally the city is working on the website devoted to low emission issues. Details soon.

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