Trakt Paprocański


  • Address: Dębowa, 43-100 Tychy

The old trees in the inner alley of the D estate are a remnant of the historic road that ran through it, which used to connect Tychy with Paprocany. The road was mostly shaded by ash and oaks. This way, the inhabitants of Paprocany used to go to the parish church in Tychy on Sundays (in carriages and bicycles), and on weekdays to the train station in Tychy; from there, they continued by train to work in nearby steel mills and mines.

The old paprocański track was cut by a perpendicular grid of new streets and a railway excavation. Fragments of the historic road are ul. Library, section al. Niepodległości from al. Bielska (place opposite the building of the police headquarters) to the Tax Office, the current walking avenue inside the D estate, and on the other side of the railway trench, a fragment of al. Jana Pawła II from the stone cross in the O estate to the roundabout and further - ul. Paprocańska running through the former village of Paprocany.

Along this road, signs of the sacred stood in various places - four 19th-century stone roadside crosses and a figure of the Virgin Mary. Their location confirmed the validity of the road. A stone cross standing not far from here among four chestnut trees (next to the AZ department store) was erected in 1887 at the fork of the road - at this point another branch branched off from the main Paprocańska road, leading through the fields directly to the lake in the area of ​​Huta Paprocka, to a hamlet called Piła ( because there used to be a saw, i.e. a sawmill). For this reason, the road was called "Piła". The founders of the cross were Marianna and Jakub Czardybon.

In April 1979, attempts were made to remove the aforementioned cross, which sparked a spontaneous protest from the inhabitants. In 2009, on the thirtieth anniversary of those events, a commemorative plaque was unveiled near the cross.

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