Civic Brewery


At the place

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  • Restaurant
  • Free Entrance
This complex dating back to 1895 is located next to the present day railway station. It is an example of a solid, industrial architecture of the end of the 19th century. The plant commenced its beer production in 1898. It soon became a competitor for the Duke’s Brewery. In 1899, the Civic Brewery signed an agreement with the Duke’s Brewery concerning uniform retail prices of beer. Its importance is confirmed by the number of hectolitres of beer during the interwar period, which raised from 40 to 50 thousand per annum. The complex did not suffer much during the war, which made it possible to reconstruct the plant by its workers. Since that period, its administrators have changed several times. It was closed in 1999 and is privately owned. Currently, it is a centre for business, entertainment and culture, and the preserved urban outlay of the complex became the post-industrial background for happenings, cultural events, mappings, concerts and many more. 

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