Paprocańska 90
43-100 Tychy
tel.: +48322178429
A Franciscan church and monastery complex at Paprocańska Street, has been constructed by both friars and city inhabitants since 2000, according to the design of Stanisław Niemczyk, a local architect. It is inspired by the architecture of the family town of Saint Francis of Assissi – the patron of the order. Dolomite from Libiąż creates a unique climate, associated with the Italian Assissi, which makes the monastery in Tychy the only Franciscan complex in Poland built in such style. It was constructed on a cross-like plan, which underlines the stigmata of St Francis and his love for the Way of the Cross. The place where it has been built is also unique – an important Salt Road from Cracow to Wrocław once run through it and the statue of the Madonna of Paprocany stood within the building site. There are two chapels – copies of those in Assissi – the Chapel of Saint Mary of the Angels in Porziuncola and the St Francis’s  Grave Chapel. 

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