Blessed Karolina Kózkówny Church


Design: Grzegorz Ratajski, construction Marian Kręzel, 1993. Realization in the years 1993-2000. The construction of the church was conducted by Rev. Józef Szklorz, pastor of the parish erected in 1989.

The author of the project decided to use a compact body of the temple and top it with a dome to create a strong landscape dominant. The church is located in the immediate vicinity of the green north-south axis and is well exposed from all sides. The consequence of the decision to use a form with a dome was the construction of the temple on a Greek cross plan. A reference to the tradition of Silesian architecture was the use of clinker bricks as the basic building material, as well as decorative patterns of the wall thread.

Construction began with the construction of a dome and openwork ribs-spans; the assembly of the structure was like building bridges. Only after the construction of the "spider" of the spans with the dome at the top, the bricklaying of the walls was started.

Artists: Joanna Piech-Kalarus and Roman Kalarus (professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice) were invited to paint the interior design. A feature of their art is vivid colors, the use of pure colors, a synthetic drawing. The chancel wall is illuminated by golden yellows, the dome of the baptismal chapel - light gray-blue. Here was a painted story of Blessed Karolina's life. The scene of Pentecost, placed at the entrance to the chapel, draws attention with its intensity. The Kalarus family are also the authors of the pictures of the Way of the Cross.

The interior of the church is complemented by wooden sculptures by Antoni Toborowicz. Most of all, however, his work is to equip the lower chapel of the church, as well as the mission cross in its ambulatory and the outer stations of the Way of the Cross. The artist also made the Rosary Garden, closing the church grounds from the west.

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