Teatr Mały (Small Theatre)


General overview

  • Firms 3+
  • Firms 60+

Teatr Mały take steps to adjust the repertoire to the interests of residents and mission to every viewer, regardless of age, tastes and budget, at least once a month there is something for everyone. Auditorium has 426 seats. Little Theatre was adapted for the disabled.


The theater building, in the stadium, with the front elevation, harmoniously fits into the edge of the stream valley on which the terrain falls. The main, larger volume of the widow and the stage is covered by a light, glazed front, which in the central point of the part rises on pillars forming arcades, leading to the theater courtyard. The courtyard was planned as a venue for open-air sculpture exhibitions and open-air performances. In the left, eastern wing of the theater, the designers planned to sell rehearsals and an exhibition gallery, there was also the Teatralna cafe. Above the entrance to it (on the side of the building) there was a neon sign with a typeface house. From the 1990s, the wing of the Youth Cultural Center No. 1 is added to this wing.

The façade of the building is made of precious materials: glass and stone. On the west side of the wall, there is a mosaic with architectural motifs. The mosaic was designed by Janusz Włodarczyk, and it was made for the work of the author and Franciszek Wyleżuch.

In the first years of her life, she spent on computers impressing the beauty of a modern theater interior, especially a widow with a ceiling suspended over an abuse of abuse - different from the old theatrical interiors.

The theater uses it on a slight hill on the side of the Tyskie Stream, opposite the old parish church, built in 1782 on a hill on the other side of the stream. Both buildings were designed by the town planners (general designers of the city of Hanna and Kazimierz Wejchert) as a compositional whole. The square in front of the church was built by the building after 1959 on the site of an empty square. The frontage buildings were designed by Felicja Matyśkiewicz and Janusz Tofil. The fountain on the market square was built in 2007 according to a design by Wojciech Klasa. The water in the ponds of the fountain reminds us of the history of the place - there was a pond here until around 1920.

Authors of the project concept: Wacław Jaciow, Bolesław Seredyński, Kazimierz Wejchert, project to be implemented: Wacław Jaciow. The construction was completed at the end of 1964, the facility was put into use in 1965.


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