Plac zabaw, Park Niedźwiadków


  • Address: Park Niedźwiadków, Tychy

The square was created in a place known as "alders" until 1950, by the road to Paprocany. Here, many years ago, native Tychy residents lit a Midsummer bonfire in Pentecost, from here you could see similar fires at Klemensowa Górka in Lędziny. The southern edge of the park is Aleja Niepodległości, its old trees are a remnant of the historic road that used to connect Tychy and Paprocany.

Around 1960, Augustyn Dyrda, a sculptor from Tychy, was commissioned to sculpt a bear, which was to stand as an outdoor decoration in the B estate. He made models of three bear cubs in various poses - to choose from. Marian Łatak, the director of the enterprise - investor building the city (DBOR, i.e. the Construction Directorate of Workers' Housing Estates) liked all three and commissioned them from the artist as a group to be placed in the park located between housing estates B, C and E. the inhabitants of Tychy commonly called this place the Latak Square.

The bear cubs quickly became a favorite place for children to play. This is one of the city's icons.

In 2008, the sculptures were dismantled and restored to their author, Augustyn Dyrda. They returned to their place in spring 2009. Soon after, the bears were given the names: Misia, Tysio and Gutek, selected as a result of a survey conducted among the inhabitants. Name plates are placed next to the sculptures.

In 1975, a fountain in the form of piled up bowls of various diameters was erected in the park. It was designed by Marek Dziekoński (initially it was planned to be placed on the square of Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński, then Bolesław Bierut). In 2021, the fountain underwent a general renovation, and its bowls were covered with blue glass mosaics - this is the work of Marlena Jędrocha.

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