Osiedle A
43-100 Tychy
Attics, arcades, colonnades, i.e. the so-called historic architectural details, constitute characteristic features of the Housing Estate A. Its building development serves as the example of architectural socio-realistic thought for working class. Today it is a class in itself. It is the first housing estate built in New Tychy, according to the design of Tadeusz Teodorowicz–Todorowski. Then the architecture was to be socialistic as to the content and neo-classical in form. Hence, the central place of the housing estate is the St Ann Square
(former Joseph Stalin Square), once the main attraction of the town, which enraptures with the abundance of decorations, architectonic details and a beautiful fountain. Whereas, socialism revealed itself here in the sculptures showing heroes of socialist labour (steelworker, miner, bricklayer lady). The housing estate was completed in 1956. All estates in Tychy were given names after consecutive letters of the alphabet, according to their provisional names marked in architects’ designs.
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