9 May 2017, 12:19:32

‘Are you reading in Tychy?’ ‘Bookcrossing in Tychy’ is a city campaign promoting books and reading.

Bookcrossing is an idea of free of charge book transfer, by leaving them in public places, so that the finder may read it and pass along. The idea of bookcrossing originated in the USA in 2001. It is estimated that there are around 9 million of ‘free’ books and about one million participants.

The recent reading research in Poland are alarming - the National Library report informs us that the percentage of non-readers in our country is above 60 percent.  Slightly over 39 percent of Polish citizens declared reading at least one book.

There are 16 branches of the library, which own a  collection of  books consisting of 334 thousand items and over 31 thousand  of special collections. The bookcrossing action will make the books even more accessible.

Bookcrossing in Tychy

In Tychy, you can leave books on special bookcrossing shelves, which were placed in the first 15 different locations in town. For example in the City Hall, the Municipal Hospital or the Municipal Pool. All you need to do is leave the book you want to forward in a designated place - the finder may take the book, read it and put it on one of the shelves, so it can reach another reader. All of the ‘free’ books will be permanently marked with a logo of the action and additionally sealed.

If you want to become an action partner and have a bookcrossing stand or shelf, please contact the Department of Information, Promotion and International Cooperation, City Hall Tychy, tel. 32 776 39 13, e-mail:

Bookcrossing in Tychy

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