7 September 2017, 15:45:2

September 2017 brings changes in local, as well as national law.

Local anti-smog resolution became effective since 1 September 2017 and levies changes in behaviour on the inhabitants of Silesia. The resolution has a national character and applies to equipment manufacturers.
Requirements on standards for furnaces has been finally revised - 5 September in the Polish Journal of Laws published and signed by the Minister Morawiecki and eliminates obsolete coal and wood furnaces from the Polish market. The resolution becomes effective on 1 October 2017 and bans manufacturing of solid fuel furnaces below 5th class. Lower class furnaces manufactured before 1 October 2017 will be allowed for sale until 1 July 2018.

Law changes on devices and solid fuels were postulated long ago by civic organisations (Polski Alarm Smogowy), as well as the Supreme Audit Office in Poland and experts in the furnace industry.

„[…] each year around 150 thousand of smog generating furnaces (off-class coal furnaces) were sold. They generate up to 20 times more impurities than modern furnaces. This pathological process is about to an end. Such furnaces would finally stop polluting the air which we breathe - Andrzej Guła from the Polski Alarm Smogowy.

The Ministry of Economic Development has made one of the planned steps towards the improvement of air quality in Poland. We are still waiting for remaining actions announced in January - changes in coal standards allowed for sale. According to experts there is a need for more restrict requirement but on the other hand - the need to start a long-waited programmes to support replacement of heating and insulation of houses. The City Hall of Tychy, in the next year edition of the Reduction of Low Emission Programme, is planning to extend the scope of financing by actions related to thermal insulation of houses, replacement o windows and doors and installation of photovoltaic panels.

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