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27 October 2017, 0:0:0

Thanks to sensors located in 10 point around the city, we can check air quality in Tychy from September 2017.

Sensors also check PM2,5 and  PM10. The sensors were installed by the company from Cracow Airly, selected in a tender. They are in ten points, mainly in peripheral districts where low emission is more troublesome. The city hall plans to develop the system and increase the number of sensors in the city. Currently they are located on buildings at: Myśliwska, Leśna, Cmentarna, Jedności, Zgrzebnioka, Tołstoja, Parkowa, Katowicka, Pogodna and at the Plac Wolności (square). The air quality monitoring programme has an e-services character. The company which won the tender takes the measurement of air quality with their equipment and presents the results in a comprehensive format on main page of the City Hall of Tychy. Apart from the ten new sensors, there is also one station measuring the level of impurities in the air, the owner of which is Wojewódzki Inspectorat Ochrony Śordowiska (Regional Environment Protection Inspectorate) (at. ul. Tołstoja, PM10 measurement) and one owed by the inhabitnats (at ul. Kwiatów).

The issue of fight for clean air is recognized as one of the most important challenges the city is facing. Our action are taken in various areas. Apart from improving the quality of tools for analyses in the field, we also continue and improve the Reduction of Low Emission Programme (PONE). PONE assumes that from 2018 there will be an option to obtain a grant for thermal insulation of buildings, windows and doors replacement and installation of photovoltaic panels. Information on the programme can be obtained in Commune Department of the Environment Protection and Farming of City Hall of Tychy , at al. Niepodległości 49 and by phone: 32 776 38 34, 32 776 38 31, 32 776 38 06 or e-mail: komunalny@umtychy.pl. The City Hall intensifies education actions. A  series of meetings with inhabitnats in detached house districts were held along worth heat providers - alternatives for coal furnaces (PEC, PGNiG). The subject of the meeting was PONE and the upcoming change in local law on house boiler plants. The first edition of a city event „Tyskie Żywioły” was held. It was directed to families and focused on promoting eco-friendly attitude in the scope of house heating methods. Moreover, education facilities supported by the CityHall in creating own education programmes are also being included. Parishes in peripheries of Tychy are also invited to collaboration. One of the most important aims of the campaign is to minimize the volume of printed materials (posters, leaflets) in order to reduce the amount of waste in the city and not to generate the risk of combustion of inappropriate materials in heating furnaces. Such materials are printed in limited volumes and distributed by the municipal police, collaborating parishes, schools and nurseries.

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