9 May 2017, 14:5:15

Who does the anti-smog resolution applie to? What is the deadline for old furnace replacement? Check what has changes in local law.

Autor: Michał Janusiński

Silesia Voivodeship has had its anti-smog resolution since 7 April 2017. It has been unanimously accepted by the regional council of the Silesia Voivodeship. Local law changes are effective from 1 September and levy a obligation to revise house heating methods on residents. This brings hope for better air and well-being as soon as in the upcoming heating season to all inhabitants of Tychy.

New regulations, from 1 September, in the scope of system use in which solid fuels are combusted (furnaces, boilers and fireplaces) ban use of:

  • Brown coal and solid fuels produced with the use of this type of coal,
  • Mud and coal flotation concentrate and other mixtures produced with the use of the above,
  • fuels which mass coal share with grain index below 3 mm is above 15%,
  • Solid biomass with humidity grade in working state exceeds 20%.

In case of installation of devices on solid fuels in new buildings, the resolution obliges the residents to install furnaces complying with at least 5th class of PN-EN 303-5:2012 standard or requirement of the ecoproject.

The anti-smog resolution also implements deadlines for replacement of old coal furnaces which started their operation before 1 September this year, depending on the age of the device:

  • Above 10 years - until 31.12.2021,
  • From 5 to 10 years - until 31.12.2023,
  • Below 5 years  - until 31.12.2025,
  • Complying with requirements for 3rd or 4th class according to the PN_EN 303-5:2012 standard - until 31.12.2027.

Provisions of the resolution on fireplaces defined that until 1 January 20232 they must reach efficiency of 80% or have an electro-filter installed.

According to the estimation of the smoglab.pl, this means that within 10 years in the entire voivodeship a number of 700 thousand smog generating furnaces must be replaced. According to communal waste disposal data - ash disposal, the number can reach 4 thousand in Tychy.

The anti-smog resolution is widely recognised and supported by the public. The final version of the record provisions is the effect of a year collaboration between Katowicki Alarm Smogowy and The Council of the Marshal’s Office. Simultaneously over 6000 inhabitants of the voivodeship signed the implemented changes and the petition of the organisation on more restrict regulation was supported by 400 academic researchers of Politechnika Śląska.


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